New family members!

We are back from vacation and it's such a pleasure to see how the Muffkopf family is still growing!

Please welcome Miguel Altamar (Ivy Quianoo), Mia Kayleigh (Independent), Tim Neuhaus (Clueso), Bino Engelmann (JORIS), Jojo Vogt (Lions Head)

and Reiner "Kallas" Hubert (Mark Forster)!

Have a break...

The Muffkopf needs some holiday! So there will be no shipping from august 5th to september 3rd! Enjoy your summer!


What an honour to collaborate with these incredible artists and to support them in their creative output!
Take a cup of coffee and click through the family gallery. Have fun!

Hello Great Britain!

UK drummers, now it's really easy for you to get your own MUFFKOPF!
New distribution for the UK: the MUSIC SHIPPING COMPANY!
We are very amused!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of the worldwide Muffkopf users, fans and friends.
We'll be back at January, 09th.
All the best, be wild, play quiet! Yours Thorsten

Ladies and gentlemen, the MUFFSTICK!

Very proud to present the MUFFSTICK today!

Try it, play it, spread the word and give feedback! Be wild, play quiet! :-)

Tool of the year 2016!

WOW! Muffkopf is "Tool of the year 2016"! Thanks to everyone who gave his vote the last weeks at the DrumHeads!! reader poll!

Vote for Muffkopf!

The latest issue of the German drum magazine DrumHeads!! includes the yearly reader poll. And TADAAA: the Muffkopf has been nominated in the category “Tool of the Year”!
What an honour! Wouldn’t it be great if the Muffkopf became “Tool of the Year 2016”? YES, it would be great!

So, please help and give your vote at

You can also win! The drum bags from Protection Racket are pretty cool! Thanks so much! I’ll keep you up to date.

The Muffkopf in a short video comparison

Muffkopf-User Jan Jaing took some time to test the two versions of the Muffkopf. In the end, he shot an absolute must-see video. Thanks a lot, Jan!

The Muffkopf… is alive!

Some people (or Some drummers?) have believed this for awhile now, and here’s the proof: the Muffkopf has a certain life of its own. So, what about your Muffkopf? Where does it sleep? What does it eat? Questions upon questions… (or So many questions…)