I always had the same problem at my liveshows: if I wanted to change my bassdrum sound for one song into a muffled, vintage sound, I had to either change the whole beater or I had to use something like a sweatband or a rubber glove or something else. I ended up always looking for the d*** drumkey or I was always twiddling with something, which meant I was leaving the beater in the middle of the song. I was just losing too much time.

So in spring 2014 I had an idea in my rehearsal room: actually it just needed a simple „pull-over“- solution, which would be easy and quick to handle and would fit securely on the beater. My second thought was: “There must already be something like this…” but I didn’t find anything similar. Neither the colleagues that I spoke to nor my retailer had ever heard of anything like it. They were all excited about the first prototype that I handed them and encouraged me to do more with the idea.

And that’s why this page exists – my first venture into this field. I do this with great respect – and also with great enthusiasm. Let’s go!