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The MiniMuff is an essential tool for a versatile sound design. In its new edition, it now offers an even more damping effect and longer durability.
With the proven “Velcro-clip-system” of the Klangmacherei you can easily attach the MiniMuff to the rim. In every playing situation, the strong spring holds it securely in place on the tension hoop.
To achieve an even greater muffling effect, we have incorporated a removable, slightly heavier weight into the new, denser synthetic fur. With an additional magnet sewn in, nothing can slip or drop out, moreover. It also ensures that you can simply flip the MiniMuff up when you’re not using it. A Velcro strip between the muff and the clip allows you to adjust the position of the Mini Muff between the rim and the center of the drumhead.
Adjust the damping effect with the Mini Muff from subtle overtone control to super rich sounds. A fine tool for your retro sound. Completely manufactured in Germany.

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