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A fancy piece of cotton under a stable ring of felt: this is your MUFFIN!
Fits tailor-made on your snare drum or your toms and ensures a short, muffled and quiet sound. Good bye you overhanging, fixed tea towels and hello „Instant-Ringo-Sound“!

Oh, the sound is too little muffled for you? Stack your MUFFINS! The sizes of 10“, 12“, 14“ and 16“ fit perfectly into one another so you can play in no time on two, three or four layers of cotton.

You want to withdraw everything for the next song? No problem: with the glued-in Pull-Off-Label you get your original drum sound back within seconds.
You’re playing 4 toms and want to spend your snare drum a MUFFIN too? No problem with the extra 14“ MUFFIN!

Material: 100% woolfelt and cotton

Sizes: 10“, 12“, 2x 14“ and 16“

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Blue, Red, Black

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