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The MuffKopf offers you a quick and easy way to muffle your bass drum to achieve special vintage sound.
You can easily pull the MuffKopf onto the beater and secure it with its cord. The soft surface of the faux fur reduces the beater’s attack and makes your bass drum sound mid-range and warm. The cord stopper ensures that the muff stays in place.
A quick change to the vintage sound between two songs is no problem with the MuffKopf. With this sound tool, the time-consuming exchange of the entire beater becomes unnecessary. Due to the flexible drawstring, the MuffKopf fits all common beaters.

Maintenance tips

You do not have to actually wash the Muffkopf, simply shake it out.Should it tangle in some places, simply take your girlfriends hairbrush and comb it out. Or you use the fork that’s included for free.

And should the Muffkopf start to smell, simply rinse it in luke-warm water and set it on aheater or in the sun to dry.

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