The Muffkopf in a short video comparison

Muffkopf-User Jan Jaing took some time to test the two versions of the Muffkopf. In the end, he shot an absolute must-see video. Thanks a lot, Jan!

Florian Alexandru-Zorn presents the Muffkopf

At, you can learn how to play the guitar. Or the piano. Or the drums. Florian Alexandru-Zorn has now introduced detailed versions of both versions of the Muffkopf in the lesson on bassdrum sounds. His conclusion: secret weapon!

Very easy and good to hear

With the Muffkopf you can change your bass drum sound with lightning speed. In this video you can see how the Muffkopf is quickly applied and what it actually sounds like. The standard model is starts the demo, the fleece-model rounds out the end. Click, click…

Christoph Buhse testet den Muffkopf

Now that warm and soft bassdrum sounds are back, the Muffkopf offers great opportunities. The Muffkopf is mounted and tied on the bassdrum beater in no time — and your bassdrum sounds soft, subtle — vintage. For all drummers who often play in acoustic, quiet bands, this is a simple and cheap additional sound option. I always have it with me!

Christoph Buhse (Joja Wendt, Swinging West Radio Show, Annett Louisan, Fjarill u.v.a.)